Friday, March 22, 2013

World Water Day Series #8 - “We Know the Value of Water When the Well is Dry” Ben Franklin

By Rich Cavagnaro, President

Welcome to our blog series in honor of World Water Day! The United Nations declared 2013 as the “International Year of Water Cooperation.” The employees at AdEdge have a passion for clean water and providing safe drinking water for people throughout the world. 

World Water Day 2013 is here and as we think of the many issues facing the water industry in the coming year(s), Steve Maxwell author of “The Future of Water” has said, “one thing for sure is known, we are inevitably faced with the challenge that water is going to cost more…the question is how much more?”
In the United States, we are faced with an aging infrastructure, new regulations, water scarcity issues, climate change challenges, lack of funding and operator staffing needs. These issues aren't unique to the U.S. and the rest of the world faces similar challenges and likely may be in worse shape due to the lack of existing infrastructure. Population growth in many countries coupled with emerging water stressed regions is causing havoc on communities to even survive and can cripple their economic development. The financial hurdle to fund this infrastructure ensuring safe drinking water or proper wastewater treatment systems is not readily available. Therefore the cost of funding these projects will have a cost associated with it.

AdEdge has been meeting these challenges with our customers around the world by offering treatment technologies to remove a multitude of contaminants including arsenic, iron, uranium, VOC’s and many others. We design our systems to: minimize energy consumption, conserve water, lessen or eliminate operator resources, choose technologies that lower capital costs, and to protect our customers on increasing water rates by offering water reuse capabilities.

So, while water remains under appreciated and undervalued, our customers are not. Our staff constantly rises to the challenge of working with our clients around the world to create a positive impact on their water treatment needs and thereby ensuring we carry out and share our Passion for Clean Water.

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