Monday, March 18, 2013

World Water Day Series #4 - Two Types of Green

By Paul Matz, Senior Project Engineer

Welcome to our blog series in honor of World Water Day on Friday, March 22nd! The United Nations declared 2013 as the “International Year of Water Cooperation.” The employees at AdEdge have a passion for clean water and providing safe drinking water for people throughout the world. Over the next week and half, we will be exploring some of the ways AdEdge is making a difference in helping the global water crisis.

AdEdge Technologies’ mission is to help people get clean drinking water and provide water suitable for use in a myriad of businesses.    In today’s news where the economy is front and center, World Water Day is a light that shines on our company’s mission and adds it to the hot topics: The economy.   Water and money are all very important issues that we help our clients deal with every day at AdEdge.  Municipalities charge money for the delivery of clean water for use in homes and businesses.  Municipalities charge money for the opportunity to treat and clean the waste we send into the sewers.   In areas where municipal water sources are not available, water must be pumped, treated and monitored independently.  And it feels like the prices for these services increase year after year in order to keep up with demand and inflation which adds additional stresses in today’s economic times. 
At AdEdge, we have seen an uptick in communities and companies looking for ways to reduce costs and find ways to safely treat and reuse water while increasing their GREEN status.     At AdEdge, we have increased the number of pilot studies we do to address requests by clients to investigate their options to save money and increase their GREEN business portfolios and everyone has been very happy with the results.

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