Thursday, October 18, 2012

AdEdge Removes Nitrates in Industrial Application

Whether you require a drinking water, mining, remediation or industrial application, AdEdge can design a system that best fits your needs. Here’s one example of how we rehabilitated the industrial water supply of a Pennsylvania plant.

In July 2011, after a competitive bidding process, AdEdge was selected by CET Engineering Services and a confidential client to design a nitrate removal system for a food processing plant in Lancaster County, Penn. The plant’s raw water had a nitrate level of 14 mg/L, which far exceeded the EPA’s limits. High nitrate levels in drinking water can cause health issues for vulnerable populations, such as pregnant women and the elderly.

“Occasional nitrate levels above the maximum contaminant level (MCL) of 10 mg/L meant that employees had to be provided with bottled water as an alternative to drinking the tap water,” said Peter Lusardi, P.E., BCEE, senior project manager at CET.

According to Lusardi, AdEdge was chosen for the project for their outstanding customer support, high quality materials and affordable pricing.

The unique, custom-designed and manufactured AdEdge system uses the ADNO3 IX resin to bring the nitrate level below the MCL. These spherical beads are incorporated within a portion of the water for treatment. The treated water is then combined with the untreated water to attain a blended nitrate concentration at or below the treatment goal of 8 mg/L.

This system also uses a brine regeneration system, which uses sodium chloride to remove the nitrates from the resin, allowing for years of use. Not only is this a highly efficient method for contaminant removal, it also helps reduce cost and hazardous waste.

And the system has been a huge success. Since the system was started up in December 2011, the nitrate level has been consistently reduced from 14 mg/L to well below the treatment goal.

“The system and water supply are working fine,” Lusardi said. “We are pleased with the results and I would specify [AdEdge’s] equipment in the future.”

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