Thursday, May 20, 2010

Greg Gilles to Present at 2010 Mining Expo in Elko NV.

Greg Gilles, Vice President and Principal at AdEdge Technologies will be presenting a session on Water Treatment Solutions for Mining Sites at the 2010 Elko Mining Expo in Elko NV. The session will be held from 10:00 am -12 noon on Thursday June 10, at the Elko Convention Center. The presentation will cover a variety of treatment options and technologies available for the removal of Arsenic, Iron, Manganese, Uranium, Mercury and a variety of other heavy metal contaminants for applications in the mining industry.

Vice President and Principal at AdEdge, Greg has over 26 years of treatment technology, industrial, regulatory, engineering, and management experience. Greg has written many publications and received awards for his accomplishments in the removal of arsenic from drinking water. In 2001, Mr. Gilles was presented the prestigious R&D100 Award recognizing the top 100 innovations of 2001, and the Innovative Technology Award from the Water Environment Federation for the development of arsenic removal systems.

Mining Water Treatment Systems

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Mining Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment in Mining

The Mining Sector is one of the core industrial sectors being served by AdEdge Technologies. It is quickly becoming the fastest growing segment of our company. We offer customer driven water treatment solutions by understanding the needs of our customers and the demands of achieving ever changing and challenging water treatment discharge standards. From exploration to site closure and post closure, AdEdge can assist you in meeting your water treatment needs. With today’s emphasis on sustainability, 
AdEdge’s solutions are long-term focused and environmentally sensitive. We understand that the solutions employed must be able to satisfy regulatory agency requirements and improve the bottom-line. AdEdge understands that our solutions must be compatible with our customers’ operating environment that includes widely fluctuating market conditions, commodity markets, and thin operating margins.
AdEdge utilizes a full range of conventional and innovative treatment technologies to achieve tough standards including adsorption, metals precipitation, coagulation,
filtration, clarification, ion exchange, advanced oxidation, and membrane based solutions. We can manage a wide range of contaminants often associated with mining operations., dewatering, acid mine drainage, and potable water including suspended solids, heavy metals, and radionuclide, as well as iron, manganese, organics, and total dissolved solids.
Let us design a system for you. Just complete the online site profile form below and we will provide a design and quote.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Integrated Water Treatment Systems

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Integrated Water Treatment Systems

Integrated Treatment Systems, a Custom Approach to Water Treatment

With our integrated system approach AdEdge can integrate a custom treatment solution to meet your needs. Using our APU (Adedge Packaged Unit), Modular, and/or Membrane systems, we integrate pre and post treatment processes to provide a “one stop shop” approach for managing your total treatment need.
Our approach is simple and streamlined to accomplish your objectives:
  1. We review your water quality and define treatment objectives
  2. We determine site limitations, cost constraints, and site specific factors that affect the technology choice.
  3. We evaluate various proven treatment technologies to accomplish your objectives
  4. We work side by side with your engineer to define and design the entire treatment train, to reduce your target contaminants at the lowest cost
AdEdge Integrated Systems offer the following advantages:
  • Cost-effective solutions that accomplish treatment goals without over design;
  • Single source process responsibility;
  • Multiple concurrent contaminant removal;
  • Pre- and -post treatment can be integrated into a single control panel;
  • Seamless process integration with other AdEdge equipment for simple operation and maintenance;
  • Systems designed with energy management in mind to lower operating costs
  • Less equipment and integration to procure, manage, operate, and maintain;
  • Simpler installation and startup with one source supply;
  • Efficient treatment/blending scenarios to achieve minimal loss of water (reject) compared to conventional RO;
We provide integration for the entire system (if desired) to achieve centralized treatment and simplicity of operation.
Our integrated systems can include pre-treatment mechanical filtration for suspended solids, or include iron or manganese removal, organics or other contaminants that can foul and otherwise diminish membrane performance and require costly operation and maintenance.
Depending on the application, such as for potable water, the treated effluent may post treatment pH correction or disinfection prior to the distribution.
AdEdge offers a variety of chemical feed system modules for chlorination, pH adjustment and others which may be desirable to achieve final water quality.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Residential Water Treatment Systems

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Residential Water Treatment Systems

Residential Water Systems Provide Treatment for Cancer Causing Arsenic in Water.

AdVantEdge™ Medallion Series POE systems are ideal for whole-house arsenic treatment. No chemicals, no regeneration, low maintenance worry free arsenic removal for the entire household. It's the most economical and effective whole-house treatment available. The adsorption process using AD33 granular ferric oxide provides the best arsenic removal performance of any available technology and is considered the standard in the industry. Medallion Series systems also effectively remove a number of other contaminants, including lead.

AdVantEdge™ High Capacity Series POU systems feature a multifunctional integrated system design ideal for under counter household residential use. Features a single-stage treatment approach using a selected 4.5 x 10-inch cartridge for arsenic removal. The system includes housing components i.e., sumps, caps, mounting bracket, faucet (lead-free), shut-off device, and tubing for a complete unit. Rated cartridge life is every 12 months or 3,000 gallons whichever comes first (for 50 ppb arsenic)

AdVantEdge™ Plus Series POU systems provide the ultimate in point-of-use protection. Incorporating AD33 technology, the Plus Series systems are the first carbon-block based products to achieve an NSF 53 certification for arsenic removal. Plus Series systems also have California certification. They remove a wide range of contaminants, including arsenic, lead, VOCs, pesticides, cryptosporidium, Guardia and chlorine.

AdVantEdge™Dual Series POU under-counter systems are the perfect solution for providing arsenic-free water for cooking and drinking. Complete pre assembled systems include cartridges, housing, bracket, automatic shutoff flow meter, connection tubing and attractive chrome faucet. Easy installation with rapid results. The Dual Series is also available for uranium removal applications.

President' s report recommends home filter use for the prevention of cancer.

A new report by the President’s Cancer Panel recommends home use of filtering systems as a method to prevent the ingestion of carcinogens. WQA issued a press release today directing reporters to this finding.

Click here for a PDF copy of the WQA press release on the report.

Click here to read the report. (Filter recommendation can be found in “Annual Report 2008-2009”, on page xix).