Monday, June 21, 2010

The AdEdge Technologies Clean Water Blog...Our Hope.

by Rich Cavagnaro
President, Adedge Technologies, Inc

As a company tradition at AdEdge, we keep Friday's lunchtime open for a company lunch with all staff members. Subjects can range across many topics but usually center around a theme from one of our Company's Core Values.

Passion for Clean Water

Integrity Any Time... Any Place

Exemplary Service


Enjoyment of Work

Last Friday we had a discussion whether it was acceptable to place a lottery ticket in a church offering basket. Most people felt it was not a tasteful act to do this, but one employee mentioned that since religion is strongly associated with hope, this should be looked upon as the lottery ticket offering hope! When phrased this way most people seemed to now think this was no longer distasteful. I am in no position to understand the underlying psychological behavior this presents but it is an interesting point. Over the weekend I thought about this concept further and since our blog site is new, I was trying to understand what is it we want to accomplish with our AdEdge "Clean Water" blog and then try to look at it from another perspective.

Naturally, we want our blog to provide information about AdEdge, and about the water treatment technologies we offer, but I wrote down some other points as well using "Hope" as the catalyst for my thoughts.

I hope we become a trusted source of information concerning water treatment technologies and systems.

I hope we can connect with people around the world to educate and provide an opportunity to raise questions and concerns.

I hope we can recruit a much needed younger generation and educate them on water issues. I hope we can communicate innovation quicker to the industry which in turn allows people and communities a quicker utilization of new innovations in water treatment.

Conversely I hope the world network will be a beacon for us to innovate new products or services.

I hope our customers share their testimonials about doing business with AdEdge.

I hope we communicate positive contributions made by our industry and by our employees to enhance peoples' lives around the world.

I hope we continue to improve our use of social media to communicate more effectively to the world.

I hope this site enables us to become closer to our customers.

To quote William Sloan Coffin, "Hope arouses, as nothing else can arouse, a passion for the possible."