Thursday, September 13, 2012

Improve Water Quality Anywhere With WaterPOD

Water treatment units don’t get much more convenient than AdEdge’s WaterPOD. From a church parking lot, to an industrial park in the middle of the desert, the WaterPOD is versatile enough to travel almost anywhere where improved water quality is a must.

The WaterPOD containerized water treatment unit is a small-footprint, customizable system designed to treat a wide variety of contaminants, including arsenic, iron and manganese, uranium, radium, and nitrates for drinking water, remediation or industrial or commercial applications.

The most challenging site conditions are no match for WaterPOD’s ease of installation and use. Since the WaterPOD is pre-wired, pre-designed and pre-piped, installation is a breeze. Simply place the unit on a level concrete base at your site and you’ve already saved up to 50% in installation costs. The “plug and play” system and simple design allow for easy access to a well or water source hookup, and media is loaded through convenient roof hatches.

Does your site have a lot of custom needs? Would you like an HVAC system or insulation to keep the inside of your unit at a comfortable temperature? No problem. Would you like to enter and exit your WaterPOD with ease, or enjoy the view of your site from the inside of your WaterPOD? Customizable doors and windows are also available. Whatever the requirements, AdEdge can satisfy them with its array of custom options.

Although all installations to date have been permanent, the easily transportable, modular design is also great for temporary applications, such as at remediation sites. It’s the ideal choice for any site where time, money and space are crucial.

AdEdge’s passion for providing access to clean, safe drinking water shines in the versatile design of the WaterPOD. Want to learn more? Check out AdEdge’s website for product specs or more information.