Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Getting to Know AdEdge

The AdEdge Clean Water Blog is full of information about what we do at AdEdge—case studies about our successful treatment systems, videos of product demonstrations and even a Q&A with our president. With so much information available, it seems like we do it all. We thought we’d provide a comprehensive list of everything we offer so you can determine if one of our services is right for your needs.

AdEdge specializes in the development and supply of innovative technologies, specialty medias, membranes and integrated systems that remove contaminants from process or aqueous streams. AdEdge has extensive experience in the removal of arsenic, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, fluoride and uranium from water and has sold hundreds of water systems to clients throughout North America and locations around the world.

Our offerings include:

AdEdge Package Units (APU)
Modular treatment systems
WaterPOD containerized treatment systems
ADIN chemical feed systems
H2Zero backwash recycle systems
INGenius panel controls
INVue remote monitoring
AdVantEdge residential products

Bayoxide E33 adsorption media for arsenic removal
AD26 oxidation/filtration media
Arsenic, iron and manganese, hydrogen sulfide, nitrate, radium, uranium and fluoride removal
Ion exchange media
AD74 adsorption media
Membrane systems, including ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis

Design and engineering consulting
System refurbishments and upgrades
Technical support
Spare parts
Membrane cleaning chemicals
Service contracts

Contact AdEdge if any of our product or service offerings can help solve your water problems and let us design a custom system to meet your needs.