Thursday, September 20, 2012

Say Goodbye to Sulfide

Does this scenario sound familiar? A customer turns on the faucet, expecting to enjoy a clean, refreshing glass of water. Instead, they are assaulted by the disgustingly familiar scent of rotten eggs. Before long, phone calls are flooding in with complaints about foul-smelling water.

Most likely, you’ve got a case of a hydrogen sulfide contamination. And although hydrogen sulfide is more annoying than it is dangerous, it is not something you want hanging around your drinking water. Luckily, AdEdge can help eliminate this nuisance contaminant and return your water to a state of purity.

Before beginning treatment on any kind of water contamination, a comprehensive water analysis should be performed to determine the type and quantity of the contaminant. Once this is determined, treatment can begin.

AdEdge offers a number of solutions for hydrogen sulfide contaminations. The AdEdge AD26 and AD GS+ media remove hydrogen sulfide, along with a variety of other contaminants, and improve overall water quality—all in one simple process.

AD26 uses an NSF 61 certified solid phase oxidation mineral and can be incorporated with one of AdEdge’s APU, modular or integrated membrane systems. It does not require the addition of unwanted dissolved solids and does not generate any hazardous waste. By administering a low does of chlorine, the removal process is enhanced and the surface of the media is oxidized, preventing the buildup of solids.

The AD GS+ media is a black filter media used for removing hydrogen sulfide, as well as iron, manganese, arsenic and radium. Systems with GS+ may be designed using vertical, horizontal, or open gravity filters and the GS+ is effective at higher operating temperatures and differential pressures than ordinary media.

AdEdge has implemented hundreds of these systems and both are proven to reduce hydrogen sulfide concentrations to non-detectable levels, resulting in clean-smelling water and happy customers.

That rotten egg smell should come from the trash, not your drinking water. Let one of AdEdge’s treatment solutions improve the quality of your water supply.

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