Wednesday, March 14, 2012

AdEdge participates in the 2012 GLOBE International Trade Conference.

by Joseph Naylor

This week, AdEdge is participating in GLOBE 2012, the most widely recognized sustainable business summits and environmental technology trade shoes.  The GLOBE conference has a history of attracting large numbers of international attendees.  AdEge is participating as a part of a State of Georgia Department of Industry and Trade mission that allows AdEdge, a cost effective forum to showcase our innovative water treatment technologies systems to executives and delegates from countries around the world.

There are many countries that can benefit from the water treatment technologies AdEdge has to offer as the demand for clean, potable water continues to grow at a faster rate than our global population.

Because the Globe show attracts high level decision making executives and delegates, we hope to make key contacts that will lead to the development of trade networks and export relationships with AdEdge in the international community.
AdEdge Water Technologies