Wednesday, March 20, 2013

World Water Day #6 - Containerized Systems: Perfect Solutions for Remote Locations

Eric Nicol, Project Manager

Welcome to our blog series in honor of World Water Day on Friday, March 22nd! The United Nations declared 2013 as the “International Year of Water Cooperation.” The employees at AdEdge have a passion for clean water and providing safe drinking water for people throughout the world. Over the next week and half, we will be exploring some of the ways AdEdge is making a difference in helping the global water crisis.

The increasing pursuit of natural resources – oil and gas as well as mining exploration for metals and precious gems – throughout the world is creating a greater need for clean water solutions in remote areas; however, this increasing demand comes with specific needs to support mining camps with potable water or to provide remediation treatment equipment for mine dewatering. AdEdge designed a unique and economical solution to meet the rising need of clean water in this industry called the WaterPod. The WaterPod is customizable and can be configured in a 10’, 20’, 40’ or 50’ length to house the treatment equipment – pumps, tanks, controls and other ancillary equipment—required for the site needs. Multiple WaterPods can also be configured in a single site to meet the demand.

The basis of the WaterPod design begins with a standard seafaring shipping container, which is then outfitted with insulation, HVAC equipment, man-doors, windows, and lighting. This design platform allows AdEdge to incorporate multiple treatment technologies into single or multiple units such as reverse osmosis, oxidation/filtration, coagulation/filtration, ion exchange, UV as well as our InGenius control system and any required chemical feed or regenerant equipment. This approach allows AdEdge to fully control installation, quality control and factory testing of each individual component in our controlled environment facility ensuring the WaterPod arrives without defect. WaterPods are dropped on location with minimal infrastructure requirements for a true plug and play approach for quickly achieving the water needs and quality goals of the location.

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