Friday, February 15, 2013

Getting Technical

Just as our representative network strives to go the extra mile to serve our customers, our tech service team does the same out in the field.

Technical service and support are our highest priorities, and we will respond 24/7 to any service issues to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We also offer service contracts, for added customer support.

“We have more than 500 systems out in the field, some approaching 10 years old, that need service whether it be a media change out or a tune up,” said Paul Matz, senior project engineer.

Whether starting up a system or fixing an issue on a system that is up and running, our technicians recognize the importance of not resting until the customer is satisfied. Ensuring customer satisfaction also allows the technicians to prevent issues from returning.

“It takes months to get a customer and seconds to lose them,” says Tom Hebert, an AdEdge tech service field technician. Hebert’s job description includes performing startups, field services and field-related quality control.

But Hebert understands that his job goes beyond the technical service he can provide. Field service technicians represent AdEdge at project sites and serve as the customer’s resource for information and solutions to their technical problems.

“[Tech service] is the face of AdEdge and may be the only face a customer sees and can relate to,” he says.

Our technicians come equipped with the skills and knowledge to solve any problem. With the range of customers and sites that we serve, our technicians’ years of experience allow them to adapt their skills toward each unique situation and not quit until the issue is resolved.

“The are several separate entities involved in a municipal water treatment project,” says Hebert, “and AdEdge takes the initiative to be ultimately responsible to strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction.”