Monday, February 27, 2012

AdEdge System Treats Excessive Uranium, Iron and Manganese. Relieves Village Residents of Reliance on Bottled Water.

by Joseph Naylor

Imagine getting notice that the water you and your family have been drinking has excessive uranium levels, and is unsafe to drink.  And then, having to become reliant on bottled water that you have to drive to town to get to use for drinking, cooking, coffee, ice, get the picture.  Now imagine having to do it for nearly 7 years.  
Recently, AdEdge Water Technologies completed a water treatment project for the Village of Clarks, located in central Nebraska. In 2000, the village was alerted that the water from their public drinking water system contained high uranium levels of over 200 ppb, which far exceeded the proposed EPA Maximum Contaminant Limits (MCLs) of 30 ppb.  In 2005, the Village received an Administrative Order from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services for non-compliance with the new uranium MCL.  As a result, free, bottled water was provided to Village residents.  In order to comply with the State of Nebraska drinking water regulations, the Village of Clarks needed to enhance their existing water system to remove the uranium, as well as  high iron & manganese levels which were also present in the water. Today, residents see and taste clean water, right from the tap.

To treat the excessive uranium, iron, & manganese levels, AEdge engineers designed a 200 gpm packaged treatment solution that included an AdEdge Model AD26 oxidation / filtration system featuring AdEdge AD26 media, followed by an AD92 uranium removal system featuring AdEdge AD92 IX media. 

The system was started up on January 11, 2012.  A report of the first four (4) weekly effluent samples indicate the source water influent Uranium levels were being treated to below the Minimum Detection Level, taking almost all of the Uranium out of the source water.  A letter from the Monitoring and Compliance Section of the Nebraska Public Drinking Water Program was recently sent to Village board members stating the Village may immediately cease providing alternate water for the purposes of drinking and cooking.  For more information about AdEdge Water Treatment Systems, contact AdEdge Water Technologies.   1-866-823-3343

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