Friday, October 28, 2011

Are we really in a financial drought when it comes to financing capital for water treatment systems?

By Joseph Naylor
Marketing Manager, AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC

Is the money not there or are towns and municipalities not looking in the right place.  Why are so many communities sitting stagnant, waiting on the possibility of government financial assistance to upgrade or build a new  water treatment system ? 

While the economy is flat and government funding assistance scarce, may private financial companies are looking for opportunities to provide private capital funding assistance for water treatment projects.
According to Steve Odom, CEO, VCLEAR Resources LLC, “Access to Capital remains the number one reason drinking water treatment projects are stalled in the U.S.…It is not for a lack of cost-effective technologies, but rather the availability of timely and accessible dollars which end users greatly need to accomplish their desires for the water systems and communities they serve. While government sources such as the USDA (RURAL Development) and the EPA can take months for applications and approvals, private funding can take as a little as a week”. 

The fact is, financing assistance is available.  Public-private partnerships (Privatization or P3’s) are entering the dialog in many public hearings across the nation. Public-Private Partnerships utilize private sector resources to finance and or manage a variety of municipal services including water and wastewater treatment.  Public-private partnerships have allowed construction of state-of-the-art water management facilities, using private funds to achieve new and existing EPA water quality standards.

VCLEAR Capital LLC, a sister company of AdEdge Water Technologies, provides financing assistance for water treatment systems. For more information go to,  or contact Bill Gafford, President VCLEAR Capital LLC

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