Thursday, January 17, 2013

One Step Beyond

 At AdEdge, we strive to go the extra mile in all aspects of our business. From the products we manufacture to the services we offer, we make sure we’re able to offer the highest quality to our customers and vendors.

Our wide network of sales representatives spans the United States and Canada, and reaches as far as Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Serbia. The knowledge and decades of experience shared by our water treatment experts give every customer the confidence of knowing they are being taken care of by a qualified representative.

Communication is vital to both the representative’s success and our success as a company. And that helps us all better serve you and meet your needs.

We are constantly training our reps on our new products and procedures, because keeping them informed is the best way to keep you informed. Our training sessions bring sales reps from all over the world to our corporate home in Georgia, where they meet our staff, tour our facilities, and get up close and personal with the products you use to solve your water needs. We’ll also be launching a webinar series for our representatives—and customers—later this year, so even from a distance they can continue educating themselves on the products and services we offer.

Let us go one step beyond what other water treatment companies provide. Check out our list of representatives to find one in your area.

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