Monday, April 1, 2013

Treated at the Tap

AdVantEdge DWS-4510 point-of-use system
While most of our products treat water well before it ever reaches a customer’s house, we also offer products that will decontaminate drinking water right at the tap.

For homes with less than 50 ppb of arsenic in their drinking water, an under-the-counter point-of-use (POU) household treatment solution may be the best option for clean, safe and great-tasting water.

AdEdge offers a number of POU systems designed for a variety of flow sizes that can be installed under any sink in a home. With these systems, in the kitchen for instance, homeowners can rest assured that the water they use for cooking, making coffee or washing dishes is virtually contaminant-free.

The AdVantEdge Dual Series is a multi-functional integrated system with a two-stage treatment approach for contaminant removal. With the three different models of the Dual Series system, arsenic, sediment and chlorine can be eliminated, while a taste- and odor-control reduction method ensures refreshing drinking water right from the tap.

For a higher capacity solution, the AdVantEdge 4510 undercounter system removes contaminants with a cartridge that lasts up to 12 months or 3,000 gallons—whichever comes first.

The AdVantEdge Plus POU system offers an advanced, cost-effective solution, which is proven to remove 57 contaminants for about 8 cents a gallon. The solid block carbon filtration provides extra efficient contaminant reduction, and a digital flowmeter will automatically shut the system off when 960 gallons have been treated and a new filter is needed.

Replacement cartridges can be purchased through any authorized AdVantEdge dealer and an AdEdge residential products expert can help determine which is best for your water supply.

Contact an AdVantEdge dealer today to find the best under-the-counter solution for clean, safe drinking water.

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