Thursday, February 28, 2013

Knowing how to design, build, install & start-up water treatment systems for multiple contaminants is a core competence of AdEdge Water Technologies.

Over the last decade we have installed over 500 municipal water treatment projects, a number that is matched or exceeded by only a handful of companies worldwide. We have collaborated with hundreds of engineering firms to design treatment solutions, not only in the U.S. but around the world. Never have we heard the words from an engineering firm that our design package was inferior to a competitor.

During this time we have introduced or advanced at least nine innovative treatment technologies for the removal of arsenic, iron, manganese, sulfide and uranium. We have successfully utilized five different treatment technologies for arsenic removal alone, more than any other water treatment company worldwide.

The following three benefits ensure we not only provide our customers with a customized cost-effective water treatment system but also maintain our focus on minimizing wayward project costs.
1.      Our design process of preparing an estimated thorough proposal for our customers is typically within 95% of final costs. This enables our customers at an early stage to have a more accurate assessment of project costs which assists them throughout their project financing endeavors.

2.      Our Project Managers have access to our proposal designers and manufacturing personnel under the same roof, enabling them to effectively manage the process of timely submittals and project schedules. This guarantees our customers will have a supplier dedicated to the shortest project timeline.

3.      By manufacturing in-house we provide our customers a distinct cost advantage as we are able to; make certain systems are built to our customer’s requirements, control the project timeline and test thoroughly prior to shipping.

The following quotes are from existing customers,
“Since the installation of our system, the water is PERFECT. It actually sparkles!!! No more smell, no yellow spots on the white clothes.” Diane Eaton. Clarendon Water Company  
“It was a very well organized project. Your project management, direction and support were flawless. The technical support guys provided for start-up were very professional, a lot of fun and we were blessed to have them.” Craig Stark-MacBride Estates

We are proud of our record of achievement and our Passion for Clean Water. Let us share with you our capabilities that hundreds of customers around the world have already experienced.

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