Thursday, December 6, 2012

Control Your System From Anywhere with InVue

In today’s world of smartphones and tablets, everything from shopping to banking can be done on the go. Thanks to the InVue remote monitoring and control system from AdEdge, the same can now be said about monitoring your water treatment system.

With InVue, tending to your treatment system has never been easier or more convenient. With just a few swipes of an iPad or clicks of a mouse, you’re on your way to controlling your water treatment system from anywhere there’s a wireless or cellular connection.

Instead of making a costly, time-consuming trek from jobsite to jobsite, operators can now manage multiple treatment systems from the comfort of their living rooms. Through the human machine interface (HMI), users can check the status of their systems, as well as access system functions.

InVue systems are compatible with AdEdge treatment systems and other site equipment such as pumps, tanks, chemical feed systems, site security and building controls.

Since the InVue system requires an iPad—the price of which is included in the total cost of the system—there are added features on the device designed to further simplify the InVue experience. A complete O&M manual, training videos and note-gathering tools built into the tablet ensure operators have all the information they need to monitor and control their system from miles away.

The convenience and portability of the InVue system strengthen AdEdge’s passion for making clean, safe water a reality for everyone. 

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