Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rid Your Water Supply of Uranium

Uranium Treatment System

Uranium is a tricky contaminant. It doesn’t have a unique scent, like hydrogen sulfide, and it doesn’t turn your clothing and water fixtures red, like iron and manganese. But while it may be odorless and colorless, uranium is far from harmless. Over time, exposure to uranium in drinking water can damage the kidneys due to the high metal content.

The only way to know if your supply is contaminated is to take a sample and test for this sneaky contaminant. And you don’t necessarily need to live near a nuclear reactor to have uranium in your drinking water. Uranium occurs naturally in rocks and soil, where it can creep into the groundwater and finally make its way into your drinking water.

If you find that your water supply has a high level of uranium, AdEdge can help. Using the AD92 IX anion exchange media, you can safely and effectively remove uranium without going over budget.

AdEdge offers two performance options for the AD92 IX media, which can change based on the requirements of your site.

If your site has a sewer discharge, leach field or another method of wastewater discharge, AdEdge offers a regeneration option for the AD92 IX. The spherical resin beads are passed through a sodium chloride brine, removing the uranium and allowing the media to be reused for several years. The result is a non-hazardous liquid product that can be easily disposed of. This is also the most cost-effective solution, as your site can take care of disposal without using an outside facility.

For sites without a method of wastewater discharge, the media itself can also be discarded. While the life cycle of the media in this scenario varies based on water quality and uranium concentration, one batch can last from one to five years before replacement is needed. Samples are typically taken quarterly to test the uranium concentration of the resin, and once the media is ready to be replaced AdEdge will work with the site operator to dispose this low-level radioactive waste at an appropriate facility.

Don’t let this stealthy mineral sneak up and attack your water supply. Regular testing can help spot a uranium contamination and AdEdge can help eliminate it.

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