Monday, September 13, 2010

In a league of its own, Adedge uses "Company Teams" as a tool for self improvement.

by Joe Naylor, Marketing Manager
AdEdge Technologies Inc.

A "Team" approach in a business environment...common, but rarely well organized and facilitated as an ongoing self improvement strategy. Don't get me wrong, the analogy of a team working together in a business to achieve a common goal is certainly valid. Imagine however, not just a team but an entire league of teams that are effectively organized, meet regularly, and challenged with self improvement. And rather than competing in the playoffs, there are performances, one team to the other teams...a continuing cycle of team work, analysis, measurement, presentations, and improvement. Everyone is a participant, everyone plays, everyone benefits...particularly our customers.

Implemented nearly two years ago at AdEdge our "teams" concept has been instrumental in the successful growth and exemplary service AdEdge offers its customers. Two years ago the words technical support, safety, customer loyalty were common business terms. I understood their meaning and purpose as well as anyone. Today however, when I see and hear the same words , I see the team members, I recall the presentations made about their mission, their goals and the successful implementation of the improvement ideas the team developed.

I'll first it all seemed like a frivolous activity that wasted and diverted time from our individual job responsibilities. But after two years, the results speak for themselves. Our "teams" concept is one of AdEdge's unique competitive advantages that allows AdEdge to deliver the best products, supported by the best customer service available in the water treatment industry.

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